About us

About us

BLRT Valukoda is a subsidiary of the largest corporate family in the Baltic Sea region – BLRT Grupp – and is the only surviving foundry in Estonia.

Our company has two 500-kg melting furnaces and one 1000-kg furnace. Our monthly output makes over 100 tonnes of products from grey, spheroidal, heat- and wear-resistant cast iron of various grades.

Our industrial and commercial activities conform to officially recognized Quality Management systems certified as ISO 9001: 2015 compliant.


Grey Cast Iron

  • GJL150
  • GJL200
  • GJL250
  • GJL300

Nodular Cast Iron

  • GJS400-15
  • GJS500-7, GJS500-14
  • GJS600-3, GJS600-10
  • GJS700-2
  • GJS800-2

Wear resistant cast iron Ni-Hard

Heat resistant cast iron (Cr% max. 30)

Equipment Capacity Year
Mixer Omega Spartan 310P 10 t/h 2009
Mixer Omega Spartan 310P 10 t/h 2011
Inductotherm induction furnace and VIP power unit 1.0 t 2007
Inductotherm induction furnace 1.0 t 2016
Inductotherm induction furnace 0.5 t 2016
Shot blasting machine Gostol VK-1300X1500 2006
Compact reclamation plant 8 t/h, FAT 8 – 10 t 2013
Spray paint cabinet with automatic conveyor line, drying cabinet, 2007 2007
Ventilation equipment 2016